My Experience Taking Part in a Boudoir Photoshoot and Why EVERY Woman Should Do It.

I never in my life imagined myself in minimal clothing posing in front of a photographer. Hearing or thinking about the word “boudoir” always made me think about brides posing for their grooms or simply scandalous people trying to be more scandalous. Now, I have a very different perspective when I think about these types of photos. I want to share my experience with the photoshoot and I do hope to shed some light on preconceived notions that may be out there.

Recently, I had a photoshoot with Kyle Burnell. We did a shoot for his boudoir division of photography: Flirt Boudoir. I am proudly one of his Spokesmodels! Here is a link to his Instagram …username @flirtboudoir .

Before the shoot, I met Kyle at his studio in South Berwick. We talked about everything I would be comfortable with and even talked outfit inspirations. He also made sure to ask what I would like the photos to accentuate. My answer? My shoulders, butt and back. It was nice for me to feel like I had some creative input in choosing what vibe I was going for. It is important to feel comfortable with your photographer, and there were zero points in time where I felt uncomfortable. Kyle is a very chill dude that really knows what he is doing.

SO on the day of the shoot, I was nervous. This is super normal and to be expected. We arrived at the location (it was basically a room in a Mill building). I checked my makeup and got myself into outfit #1. Of course it was a lingerie set and I took a deep breath and worked it! I told Kyle that I needed lots of directions, since…ya know…I don’t do this very often. He gives really good direction and truly knows angles and lighting. He is a talent and that is very clear especially when you see the finished product.

Here was my first look:

12 (Victoria’s Secret lingerie set with a robe that was a wedding gift I received as a bridesmaid from Macy’s. Thanks JESS!)

I felt a little extra sweaty while taking these because I was so nervous at first. But DANG those nerves slipped right away pretty quickly. Kyle played music which definitely helped so much. Music always gets me going and it was key to have upbeat and fun background music.

I decided to bring that little silky robe last minute. I definitely recommend to bring more rather than less (clothes, props, makeup, jewelry, etc.) because you never know what you can do with them. Photographers are creative people, give them something to work with!

Another item I grabbed as I was walking out the door…this tank top:

3Did I mention I love music? How perfect is this shirt. USE ITEMS THAT SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY AND WHO YOU ARE. Because that is what these photos are about – being yourself, letting loose and feeling empowered and badass!4Arch your back and you’ll be sore but you’ll have great photos. Kyle will make sure of this.

There is so much that was going through my head during these four hours of shooting. I was given SO MUCH direction that at times I lost where my legs should be or let go of the arch in my back. It is definitely harder than it may look but again, it was so worth it. I will be doing another shoot with Kyle and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I brought five outfits and it is hard to pick a favorite.With the way Kyle edits the photos and captures lighting, he makes sure that you and your body are the stars of the show. Outfits give a certain vibe and confidence to the model, but ultimately shadows and angles tell the story:

679See what I mean? So sexy. So sensual. So cool.

Looking back at the photoshoot – I had fun and I was comfortable. There was no rushing to get things done quickly – we just wanted to make sure the sun didn’t set before we were done. We had a solid four hours of shooting and it flew by!

There were certain times where my body felt funny and I wasn’t sure how I was looking. But because I followed directions and trusted Kyle, I didn’t question anything.

8Booty Booty Rockin Everywhere 😛

I highly recommend booking your shoot with Flirt Boudoir ASAP! There is a special that is happening right now and you should totally take advantage! If you book by this Friday (June 23rd), you will get a session that includes a little black accordion book of 3-5 photos which is normally $475. Up until Friday, it is $249!!!! This is a killer deal to work with a seriously amazing photographer. I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

This will be one of the coolest experiences you will ever have. This will be your chance to feel empowered and will give your confidence a huge boost. It sure did with me! I mean, look at these photos! Now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and find a part of you that is a little wild. SO FUN! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all. Here is the website to check out Kyle’s stunning work: Flirt Boudoir.

I shall leave you with my favorite picture from our shoot, which is now my prof picture. Totally captures my badass demeanor…hehe!11Fierce betch, amirite?

I hope that you will take after me and step outside of yourself a bit and go for it! I’m telling you…it is so worth it! I so have a huge appreciation for Kyle Burnell and Boudoir photography in general. I cannot wait to shoot again!

Flirt Boudoir Photography Website:

Flirt Boudoir Instagram: @flirtboudoir


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