I have an idea. Something so simple. Something that will make you happier. Something that is quite easy to do:


Let me start by telling you about the new things that I tried this weekend. Yesterday, my gal pal and I (HEY LOLLY) had a wonderful time. We had new experiences and loved every bit of it. This is how we thought up how important it is to TNT. Here was our day:

To start, we ventured to a new coffee shop located in Downtown Portsmouth. It is called Profile. It is sort of a modern-looking coffee bar that is pretty darn big. We had large non-fat lattes and they were great! It’s also nice to shop local, especially at a fun new place in the area.

IMG_6898 IMG_6899

Then we were off to try a new spot for lunch (new to us, not the area). I am so sad that I have never experienced this place before: Ceres Bakery. Right in Downtown Portsmouth. SO GOOD! We each had a delicious strata and then shared a perfectly just-sweet-enough raspberry rhubarb tart. I wanted to try EVERYTHING. The list of savory foods and baked yummies is endless. And especially for Portsmouth, it is not bad price-wise! Bonus.


If you are in the area, go there. You’ll see me in front of the counter trying to figure out what the heck to try next.

From there, we ventured to a sweet little Asian market, Lo’s Seafood & Oriental Market. And by sweet I mean super sketchy looking. It is quite the gem, though! So many interested treats, snacks, rice noodles, sauces and great finds! I haven’t been to a market like that since I studied abroad in Australia.


Look at all of these goodies! The Thia Coconut Swirls and the Choco Boy treats were a couple of my favorites. I’m excited to cook with my new sauce and rice noodles. The picture is cut-off but the sauce is a ginger soy sauce…I’m stoked to try with my new rice and/or buckwheat noodles. Woo!

And we also walked around Portsmouth, explored a couple streets that Lolly and I haven’t had the chance (or reason) to travel upon. We were feeling inspired by the brilliant Sunday that it was and felt that our day was just getting better. We stumbled upon some stores and even this cool truck. So many things!


All-in-all, it was everything a Sunday should be. Like I said, we were feeling super inspired and our new experiences helped us open our minds and want to explore more.

This is something we should all do! There are so many places that are nearby that should be found and admired (no matter where you live). It’s nice to give business to places that aren’t necessarily corporations. Mom and pop shops have wonderful character and are great places for the community. Taking a walk in a different direction is a perfect start. Simple, I know.

Trying new things is really enjoyable because you never know what to expect. New adventures, whether small or big, are so worth it! They will naturally open up your mind which will get you talking about different things. Your newest endeavors will help you think differently, too. Doing these things will certainly help you become more enchanting because damnit you’ll have tons of different experiences oozing out of your ears. The stories and epiphanies that may occur are so valuable! The more you learn, the more you know which means that you’ll have more knowledge to share with others. This includes bravely exploring a new culture like Lolly and I did (at the asian market) and finding some sweet gems and new favorite treats.

I hope this inspires you to try something new the next time you have a free day or even a free hour.

Time to explore . . . x o !


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