What should I study? Where should I shop for my clothes? Where should I apply to work? What should I eat for dinner? Should I workout today? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Oh my goodness. This life is filled with all sorts of tough choices. From little ones to big, it seems as though one can never escape from making decisions. I suppose that is called being an adult. But – I found this Ted Talk that puts a different perspective on making choices.

This is what I took from it:

I am a very independent, single 25 year old woman who lives by herself. So, I have lots of room to make a super duper amount of choices on the daily, as most people do. Unless, of course, you happen to be a child.

I choose to feed my cat…therefore I have a living cat…therefore I am a cat lady. NOT REALLY, but…yeah kind of. I also live in Portsmouth, NH which is not where I grew up. I chose to move here after my best friend (HEY JESS) moved here to pursue a man (HEY JAY). And I recently chose to start eating oatmeal again (HEY HOT BOD, I’M COMIN’ FOR YA).

Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

I have lived many places throughout my life. I have had many friends throughout my life. I have studied at a bunch of different schools. Although I would probably consider myself a wanderlust, I have been faced with tons of really hard decisions that I have had to make. Every single decision has gotten me to the place that I am now. The amount of options in life is totally incredible. Hell, I could be in Arkansas working as a lawyer if I really wanted to be. But, nahhhhhhh.

What I’m saying is this: Do not think of choices as a bad thing. Choices are blessings in disguise! Each and every choice that you decide upon make you stronger and allow you to become who you are. The possibilities of who we can become are infinite. And ya know what…to me, that is so super exciting (like oh mah gawd)!

If you are a father and would rather go to a bar after work instead of going to your son’s soccer game, then that is the kind of father you are choosing to be. If you decide that you will not show up to class because you don’t care about your grades, then that is the type of student you are choosing to be. If you decide to go to the gym every morning before heading to work, then that is the type of physically fit kind of person you are choosing to be. If you are not in a position in your life where you are happy, you need to know that you have made every choice leading up to that point to get you there. Instead of dwelling on your unhappiness, change it! Make a bold choice and change your life. Move somewhere warm. Listen to happy music. Spend your time doing something that gives you energy and ambition. And most importantly, choose to be happy. Yeah that’s right, your happiness is in YOUR hands. Crazy, huh?

Gosh. Let’s just be awesome people…’cause we can be! Hopefully this helps when it is time to make that decision. Go with your gut instinct and you do you!

This is just a little food for thought. Below is the video that I was inspired by.



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