Today    I    came    across    this    photo    on    Instagram   :

For some reason it struck something within me…it really had me thinking.

Personally, I have a huge issue with commitment. I rarely stay in one place for a long period of time – whether it is where I live, or the job that I have, I am always moving and changing and going. I grew up moving around for what it felt like almost every year. I’ve lived in just about 20 different houses/dorms/apartments throughout my life. Keep in mind I am 25 years old. Pretty nuts when you think about it. This may be due to the fact that finding something and sticking to it seems almost odd and uncomfortable. I am a free bird that just wants to keep flyin’!

Anyways…back to the, “You are exactly where you need to be” – it could not be truer. Like I said, I am always wanting to move and go and change things up. It is more than just getting bored, it is having this deep desire within me to find a new something. BUT, it is super necessary to realize that each place that I am & every job position that I have, really does mold me into the person that I have become. My character is getting stronger and each step that I take is a step closer to the place that I am meant to be. Although I have had tons of shitty jobs, they have each taught me something different. Every person that has treated me poorly only has made my backbone stronger. So thank you 😉 !!!

Seven years ago I was a completely different person. Not that I had it easy, but looking back I had just begun my journey. Turning 18 was huge because I felt that being in college I had so much responsibility. I had a new independence that was slightly scary. From that time until right now, I have transformed into a much more capable, confident and tenacious person. I am greatly proud of that. I have gone through so much, as most people do in their lives. Through all of the bad (and good), I am thankful for each and every piece of this journey that I have been through. The knowledge that I have gained & the passions that I have realized have developed immensely. I am who I am because of everything leading up to this very moment.

And so are you.


Just a little food for thought. Thanks for reading!



  1. hey, i love this post! ! this quote is one of my favorites! i just started my blog out and i would be stoked if you could possibly check it out and leave some feedback! i’m looking forward to more of your blog!
    -cristina ☼

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