Happy new year!

It is the year 2014, unbelievable right? Every new year everyone seems to be inspired to reach their goals and have a fresh start. I love it – the renewed feeling of hope and the inspiration in the air is totally contagious. Goals, hopes and dreams are always nice to share and instead of sharing my “resolutions,” I will share my thoughts upon waking up on this first day of the year.

Typically – losing weight, getting healthy, living a more balanced lifestyle is on the new year to-do list. Of course, that is all very cliche and is not usually followed for more than a couple of weeks (if that). I was thinking that we can all make 2014 the best year yet very simply.


Be happy. Spread happiness. Enjoy the moment, this very moment. Life is so hard, we all know that. Lots of tragedies, lots of fears, lots of disappointments. I have a secret. There will always be things that upset us and scare us and frustrate us. SO instead of dwelling on these things that give us anxiety and make us worry – let’s be kind and make it our mission to spread joy. We can help others feel better and in return WE will feel better.

What do we do everyday? We wake up in the early morning to get ready for work. Then go work all day. Then come home exhausted. Then to go to bed and do the same thing over. Dwelling on how much we hate our jobs, how tired we are, what could be or should be.,.. not the way to go. I have done this the whole past month by the way. It doesn’t matter your job or what you do on the daily basis – school or whatever – we can, believe it or not, make the best out of what’s around. To quote Dave Matthews Band 😉 

I’ve been living in New Hampshire for about a year and three months now. I love it here in Portsmouth and it is absolutely crazy that I ended up here. I know that I won’t be here forever and I know I want to be back in NYC pretty soon(ish) and travel, etc. We all have these lovely hopes and dreams, right? I have made the mistake of hating my job, getting angry at people that are angry (customers, coworkers) and letting that affect my all-around mood. I’ve had a lot of downs these past few months, mostly evolving around work. I’m actually lucky, though. I get to help people on the daily basis – the retail industry is tough especially during the holidays but I have had my fair share of heart touching stories and have met some great folks. I’ve also had the pleasure of truly making peoples’ days brighter.

This is where my point of this whole blog comes in. When you treat others, ESPECIALLY  strangers who would never expect it with kindness and care – it is the best feeling. I’ve had people make comments to me after working with them that have truly made my day. For example, I had a gentleman come into the store (I work in a jewelry store) and I helped him find some nice charms for his wife’s Pandora bracelet. I was perfectly happy to help him and did not really do anything out of the ordinary. As he was leaving, he looked me in the eye so genuinely and said, “You are very sweet.” And with four words from a stranger, my day was made. 

He had no idea that he actually impacted me. It was so simple and it meant so much to me – mostly because he does not know me at all and that was the type of person he saw me as within the ten minutes we were working together. It’s the little things like that, ya know?

So from someone who experienced some slight kindness from a stranger, I know how much of a difference it could and will make in someone’s day or even life. If we do this everyday with each person we meet – be kind and genuine – it will come back around and it will be a domino effect. Simple acts of kindness are wondrous things, too. But it is even SIMPLER than that. Just be nice to strangers. Make others smile.

Why does it feel so great to give gifts? It is the same exact concept. We can be giving “gifts” everyday. In turn, we will feel happy! It is the easiest concept but this is something that us as an American culture should be reminded of once in a while.

Here’s to making people smile and sharing happiness in the year 2014 and many more years to come! CHEERS 🙂


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