Weird Opportunity

Today I had a weird opportunity. It’s “weird” because it is something I – years ago – would never see myself doing. Heck it’s something I never would ever be caught dead doing.

I auditioned for a reality show.

I know! It’s such a controversial type of television that I have always been a viewer from the outside, enjoying as others make fools of themselves. I’m talking The Bachelor, The Real World, The Kardashian shows, etc., etc.

[Why did I audition? Because I am about to graduate with a degree in Communications from Pace University and I have ZERO clue what I am doing with my life. My plan right now is to move to California after making enough money to possibly pay off my credit cards and buy a car. Now is the time to experiment with where I want to live and make a career for myself. We’ll see how that goes…]

Anyways, you’re probably wondering what show I auditioned for. I mean…well it was technically called “an interview” but we all know that within reality shows, there’s not much reality. Therefore it was an audition. Although I was told it is going to be legit…

SO I don’t know exactly what goes down on this show. All I know is that if I get it – I will be flown out to Los Angeles for three days with all accommodations paid for. That in itself is a winning opportunity! But the show in itself is basically a competition between ‘regular’ people to have a date with a celebrity. I have no idea who these celebs will be or what exactly will entail, but it sounds interesting. Obviously very superficial, but fun!

Yep, I totally auditioned for this today. Haha I honestly do not even expect a call because I’m probably up against gorgeous model-like girls from all over the country. But hey, I gave it a shot and it was a cool experience.

Just thought I’d share.


P.S. I am SO excited because Loretta (my roommie & sorority sister & friend) and I are going to see Tyler Hilton tomorrow! I really want to meet him! It’s his album release party along with a concert. It’s also 21+ but only $10 and a one drink minimum (which will also probably be $10) and I am so totally stoked.

Who is Tyler Hilton?

The first time I ever saw him was in Taylor Swift’s music video “Teardrops on my Guitar:”

Then I started watching One Tree Hill, and he is one of the characters on the show:

Stephen Colletti, Paul Johansson, Tyler Hilton

He was also just in Gloriana‘s newest music video (Kissed You) Good Night. And by the way, I LOVE that song and I love Gloriana. Tyler has also played lots of shows with them and also with the very popular Taylor Swift, among many other artists. His music is fantastic and I have recently become a big fan of it.

Hence, my excitement to see him live tomorrow. YAY!

That’s all for now, folks 😉




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