V-Day is What YOU Make it.

[Disclaimer: This post is mostly directed towards my fellow single folks!]

I really just wanted to do a quick post on Valentine’s Day.

OH YEAH – Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

K so I’m sure we have all had the dreary-type of vdays and I’m sure we have had really very nice vdays. Now, it doesn’t matter if your amazing Valentine’s Days have been in elementary school when your whole class was forced to bring in valentines for every last person in the class and you sat there with your homemade “mailbox” waiting for your crush to drop in the extra-special note. Seriously though – that was the best.

But now that we are grownups, it seems as though the couples are the only ones that can be happy on this very day that is completely centered around hearts and flowers and love. Let me let you in on a little secret, that is not true.

Yes I am single (believe it or not) and I can honestly say that today was perfect. I didn’t receive any special notes from my crush, nor did I receive chocolates or flowers. I did receive a special card in the mail from my Grandparents that brightened my day! And I did pass out lollipops with my Sigma Delta Tau sisters at school that made others smile. I also interacted with people that just seemed happier today. There was an ora on the streets and in school that was just jolly. People seemed to be extra nice and all-around brighter!

I can tell you that my attitude this year definitely changed my whole outlook on this lovely day of February 14th. I feel that YES it is a Hallmark Holiday – but what isn’t? And I have heard many times that we should celebrate love every single day, why do we need just one day blah blah blah. I believe that having a day to wear pink and red where there is an excuse to buy yourself & indulge in a box of chocolates (yes, I did this) is perfectly acceptable. Plus – like I was just saying, everyone is simply more loving on this day.

And ya know, there is always a hope that your crush will give you a wink, a rose or a note to let you know how he (or she) truly feels. And these are the things that make today non-hatable.

Let’s stop being bitter about seeing others in love! Let’s look at those people and use that as inspiration. Let’s use today as a great reason to eat as many pounds as chocolate as we possibly can! But not in a depressed kinda way. All I’m saying is – let’s embrace February 14th with love and who knows, maybe we can find it!

To all of my exquisite single friends – love yourselves first. Then everything else will fall into place. It’s amazing that I can say all of this yet somehow have a hard time following my own advice. I guess that’s the Aquarius in me? Excuses…

But seriously, I hope everyone has had a magical day!



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