Yesterday I took a trip down Broadway…

Yesterday I took a trip down Broadway.

It was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and I was extremely content. Well – besides the fact I had an interview at a retail store and the very nice woman realized I could only work part-time so she pretty much dismissed me immediately after kindly telling me she’ll keep my resume on hand and to contact her after I graduate because I have “a wonderful personality and great qualifications.” UM hopefully I will not be resorting to work in retail when I graduate college…

I called my Mom and told her I was slightly disappointed but also decided to follow the nice interviewer’s advice and apply to Ralph Lauren’s other stores such as Rugby & Club Monaco. I didn’t have any more resumes because it was unexpected so I’ll have to go back Monday or Tuesday. BUT maybe I wont have to…

As I was on the phone, I also realized I had given my resume to DASH (ya know, the Kardashian’s Dash store in Soho?). So I told my Mom, “Ya know what, I’m going to go into the store now and just follow up.” It’s been about a week so I think it’s a good time to check in. It was the same girl working who I had given my resume to and she remembered me. The store was busy (there was an actual line outside…this happens, usually on the weekends-but I skipped the line because I wasn’t there to shop) so I asked the nice girl about my resume and she asked my name and said she’ll look it up and talk to her manager. Yeah yeah yeah okay, so I said “Alright, thanks” and began to head out the door disappointed (again).

Suddenly I hear, “Cassandra! Wait. Just…wait here for a second.” It was one of those moments from the movies. It wasn’t a handsome man that changed his mind about dating me (darn it) but it was a short girl who I was seeking approval from and finally seemed to receive it. She liked me, she really really liked me!!! She had me write my name down with my phone number on a piece of paper so she could remember me and call me “later on tonight.”

Well – let’s just say she never called. I’m hoping she’ll call me today because otherwise I’ll have to go back. I’m serious. I am not giving up!

How cool would it be to work for the Kardashians? It’s the perfect little store containing the perfect amount of clothing and accessories. There is NO WAY I would ever work in a department store folding clothes totally miserable all day. That is not my style. Nah, I’d rather be a Dash Doll 😉

So yeah – that’s been my main purpose this past week. I gotta get a job, man. It’s so necessary, I hate being broke and I just want to be able to support myself without resorting to using my credit card that I can’t actually payoff. Success will come my way, not sure where or when but it will. Plus, Khloe & I are meant to be besties haha. Seriously though. Love her.


Another thing I noticed as I was walking down Broadway, was the way people were carrying themselves. Usually on weekends, the city gets pretty touristy so I was surprised when I noticed how everyone just seemed so prestigious. It was like everybody was somebody. I’m sure I passed at least a dozen truly important people with actual prestige, including myself. Hehe just kidding (kind of) I was dressed to impress for my interview so I’m not gonna lie, I was walking with some swag. These two young girls came up to me and said hi, giggled and quickly ran away. People do say I remind them of Amanda Bynes? Ha k anyways…

I was walking past “The SoHo Cafe” and I looked into the window and there he was. Kevin Jonas. He was with his cute wife, Danielle. As I walked past, a short black man asked if I would be his girlfriend and I said “No” of course. Gah but I didn’t want to leave the cafe yet. BUT I had to get away from this creepy guy. I was stuck, so I just left. Who am I kidding, I am not about to go up to one of the Jonas Brothers and say “Hi, um I love you?” or something of that nature. If it was Nick, it’d be a different story. It was cool, nonetheless.


Now going from one extreme to the next, let’s discuss the poor people on the streets. Yes, I have been away from NYC for about 8 months but I am still kind of in awe when it comes to these guys. The first man that “begged” me for money was a man standing on a corner with a cup. As I passed he pleaded, “50 cents please so I can get something to eat. A sandwich, please??” Luckily, I still had my sunglasses on so I was able to ignore without looking him in the eye.

I always feel bad for these people, but its impossible for me (a struggling college student) to give money to every person begging for money on the street. I wish I could…sometimes. Other times I know they are druggies but usually I just want to give them actual food.

The second guy that begged me for money was a man in a wheelchair. He literally wheeled up to me (not too many others around) and said “Hello please, can you spare any change for a veteran?” As I walked past (WITHOUT my sunglasses, accidentally looking the guy in the eye), the man got pissed and yelled back to me, “Yeah it’s different when YOUR kids aren’t in the war!” And he might’ve said some other things but I seriously tried to tune him out. Let’s be honest, I feel really bad not giving any money. But I almost got mad back at him for trying to make me feel guilty.

These people on the streets have no idea what each pedestrian is going through in our own lives. How dare they tell me what I do and do not care about. How dare they attempt to make me feel guilty. I didn’t like that. But at the same time, I wish I gave him a twenty dollar bill. Clearly, I’m torn when it comes to this topic. I actually pride myself on smiling at strangers and making others happy that aren’t expecting it. Therefore, I totally hate making people angry. But I also dislike when I get yelled at for not sparing change (that I actually didn’t have).


I noticed a lot yesterday and because of the vibe of the city and the weather I didn’t want to come back to my dorm. I wanted to experience more. I ended up strolling back because I had nothing else to do and I couldn’t spend the money that I don’t have. It’s depressing being in this dorm all day. I get zero natural lighting in here and I just can’t handle that for more than a couple of hours.

Once I get a job, I’ll be out more. It’ll be good for me. I am not looking forward to the actual act of working, but I am looking forward to meeting new people, expanding my NYC network and getting out there to make some ca$h money. SO very necessary.

Alright I think …yes…okay I am done ranting now. As I was walking back here yesterday I was thinking how badly I need to write in my journal or blog about these things happening in my mind. So here they are. Even though I am pretty sure I’m forgetting a handful of mind blowing realizations. Oh well, I’ll save them for another time I guess.

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of many laughs and memories.

Happy Sunday Funday XoXo


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