Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

YAY LET”S CELEBRATE. If you have never participated in WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge, here ya go.

This week I decided to take a different approach. I would like to share my photos through ‘Celebrating the little things.’ My mind immediately went to CELEBRATE FOOD (of course) but not today folks.

A really cool beer cap.

Festive Nail Polish

Going Barefoot.

Chocolate Pizza (Max Brenner's - NYC)...I HAD to put food in here somewhere!

Certainly a 'little thing.' Flowers!!!

A great glass of wine (in Little Italy, NYC). This is my mom!!! Hi MOM!


I hope you enjoyed looking at what I celebrate. It really is the little things in life that get me goin. Especially when it comes to food [chocolate] and drinks [wine].

So this week – take notice & celebrate the little things!!!

XOXO – Casi

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

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