Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I was actually sad when I saw that this week’s photo challenge is Family. Why? Because I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with mine. First time in 21 years. It didn’t even feel like Thanksgiving, I didn’t have turkey and most importantly – I didn’t have pie!

Anyways, I realized I took some pictures at The Gold Coast Show Day in September. I remember seeing a bunch of families there, so I figure I would have snapped one. Turns out I have two! These photos certainly do not display my best photography, but they work.

Gotta have a balloon at the fair. Always.

Families! I think I took this photo because I was missing mine.

Just for fun, I’ll post a couple of photos with me and my ‘families’:

My Australia Fam - Logan, Steph, Me (July 2011) We have like 3 pics together from this whole time :/

Mom & Dad (August 2008)

Cats have ALWAYS been a part of my family. This is Izzy (January 2010)

Best Friends. More like sisters ❤ Sarah, Me, Jess (February 2010)

Me, Hannah, Anthony - Brother & Sister (Easter 2011)

These are a few of my sorority sisters - Sigma Delta Tau ! (May 2011)

Wow after putting all of these photos up, I am totally realizing how many great people I have in my life. And this doesn’t even include everyone! Cannot wait to get back home [19 Days] 🙂

– Casi –

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. I enjoy looking at your pictures…i love izzy, he is so expressive lol….so funny…i think he tried to compete with you on “whose more cute?”

    And yes, you’re such a beautiful girl, but i think u heard that alot and you got beautiful family 🙂

  2. These are great captures of ‘family’. I think it is so cool that you were sort of sad at first because you were without your family, but by the end of the post you had come to realize your family was much larger than you realized. : )

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