So I have some [food] ideas . . .

It’s getting late and I am usually sleeping by now but I just have to get this off of my chest. I want to become a food blogger. Ever since my last post (Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast), I have found so many amazing and inspiring blogs. About FOOD! Not only food, but healthy living including eating decadently but living a balanced lifestyle. Health, exercise, nutrition are only some of the words that would be a part of my new blog. I’m feeling so inspired and I really want to start this!

I’ll post some of my food stuff on here until I start up another site. It will still be on WordPress and I’m thinking it will eventually replace my Australia blog because I wont be here forever. 23 Days left here, actually.

Okay so over the past few days I have taken some photos of my food. It sounds so funny, but only because it’s new to me (and maybe you, too). I have read all of these amazing blogs and these women are so good at capturing their food. So I gave it a few shots:

My first awesome oatmeal.

So this was the first complex (kind of) oatmeal that I created. I made it with Organic Rolled Oats, Bananas, Walnuts, Pure Vanilla Extract, water, skim milk, a pinch of salt, topped with Tahini. I felt a deep need to make oatmeal after reading Kath’s blog: She has the BEST oatmeal receipes on there that are actually very simple to make and there are great, tasty-looking combos on there. I now desperately want to try some with pumpkin puree but it’s no where to be found here in Australia 😦 I’ll have to wait until I get back to NY! Wahhh.


Yesterday for dinner I made a nice beef burger salad. O.M.G. Heavenly. I don’t like to eat red meat too much because… it’s red meat, but it’s the best source of iron for me (I’m a bit low lately). Simple Romain lettuce with onions, tomatoes, EVOO, sea salt, ground black pepper, and garlic powder. Topped with Honey Whole Grain Mustard and slathered with Hot Siracha Sauce, it was so delectable.

The ball of glory.

What this ball is made of.

Finished it, easily.

So these balls are extremely delicious, healthy and very rich. We bought them for about 3 dollars at a bulk health food store in Burleigh Heads which is about 45 minutes via bus from where we live. Steph and I were actually pretty full from just these, but needed some sort of salty food after indulging. Ah, yes! Veggie chips to the rescue…


All sorts of dried up yumminess! Even though I am now realizing this pic doesn't look wonderful...

Trust me! These are the best. Oh ma gawd. From beans to carrots to whatever else, I devoured this stuff in no time. I like them better than potato chips. Fo sho!

Oh So Good

Apple Crunch Oatmeal

Perfect Bite

So this was my second creation with oatmeal. Now I get excited every time I am about to make this delicious breakfast. It can take on any flavor combo, how rad. Rad? I never say that word. Whatever. ANYWAYS, I made this with about 4 tablespoons of Organic Rolled Oats (made on the stovetop with water, skim milk, pinch of salt – 4 tbs doesn’t seem like that much but trust me – its soo filling especially with toppings), cinnamon, apples, mixed berry yogurt, chopped almonds, and ground flax for some extra fiber. I learned the hard way with my first banana oatmeal, STIR. Seriously, stir the whole time it’s cooking otherwise it will definitely stick to the bottom. It cooks very fast, so be careful.

Well that’s about it for now. This food was not just from one day, it was from about 2 days of random eats. I want to do a regular post, maybe once a day and document breakfast, lunch and dinner. And also my exercise for the day. I’ll give you all of the blogs of the ladies that inspired me to do this when I find them all again! I don’t want to leave anyone out. But until then, if you would give feedback to my idea and maybe give any suggestions of what you want to read, food-wise? Or anything else related (exercise, nutrition, etc.)?

Thanks so much and I look forward to starting this new adventure with a (very) few readers and hopefully you can all spread the word so I can gain more followers. Then I will be able to eventually go to some cool blogger events and inspire others to live healthily while enjoying life! How cool would will that be!?

As I leave you I am wondering why my hair smells so good? And if I can actually pull this food blog off. And what I should call it…we’ll hafta see! Yay!

– Casi –


3 thoughts on “So I have some [food] ideas . . .

  1. Hi sweetie! I love health/food blogs! If you haven’t already, check out ohsheglows, fitnessista, eatliverun, and healthy tipping point. My favs. Also, Erin Tylutki, a fellow Utican has a blog: erinshungryheart it! I would follow you!

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