Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I just arrived back to my apartment after snapping what I only thought would be about twenty photos. Nope. Turns out I took 120 without even realizing this. All it took was a nice walk with nice jams blasting from my iPod, through my headphones & into my ears.

So obviously it’s an impossible task to choose one or two. Here are the photos that I like the most:

I wonder how long these tires have been sitting there?

I wonder if the person that left this cart had a hard time carrying groceries the rest of the way home?

I wonder how these trees become so intricate?

I wonder where this man is going?

I wonder how this frog died?

I wonder who sits on that porch and enjoys the beautiful flowers?

I wonder why there aren't as many pretty flowers in NY?

I wonder who these shoes belong to?

Sorry about the gross frog. I thought it was cool because, although I almost stepped on it, it blended in with the ground. As you can see there is a variety from death to bright flowers (ha). The crazy tree vines are so cool, I can’t get enough of stuff like that in nature.

Let me know which is your favorite!

Until next week – Casi-

P.S. I realized today that you see SO much more when taking photos. I walk by the same places many days of the week and today I noticed things that I never realized existed. Simple things.

ALSO, I was thinking that all it takes to create a nice photo is to use one of these factors:

1. Have a unique perspective.

2. Focus on one item (whether it be in nature or wherever & give it the attention that it deserves – even if it’s just a bug).

3. Focus on the big picture (to create a feeling…maybe there is something in there that doesn’t belong, makes the viewer think differently, or creates a statement).


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

  1. Of them all I like the man. I find nowadays that I walk around looking at what maybe would make a good photograph. Although I mainly use a DSLR I have started carrying a little P&S for when I find that maybe shot.

    A little exercise I used to do. Walk 5 minutes from my house in any direction, stop, now continuing to walk for another 5 minutes find something interesting to photograph in that 5 minute period….

  2. Beautiful, moving, stunning photos that we often see but failed to notice. I’m glad you shared this photos today. They remind us not to take things for granted. To really look around and observe how people behave and how things that seems old and abandon can still have beauty and use in them. We just have to open our eyes, mind and heart to new perspectives that bring about inspiration. Wonderful post. thanks…

  3. Very cool set of pictures!
    The frist one is very interesting. I like how you worked with the colors and added a kind of old aspect!
    Excellent 🙂

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