Television’s Influence on ME

So because I haven’t started working yet this summer and I don’t have much to do, I’ve been watching a lot of television. I love TV. I mostly watch: E!, The Food Network, The Disney Channel, Bravo, and every now and then MTV.

The thing is, there are so many commercials (we all know this). But with all of these commercials, there are many weight-loss promotions for different programs. On top of this, especially on the Food Network, there are also many commercials & shows with yummy looking desserts and ‘guilty’ foods. So what should we do? Go on Jenny Craig, subscribe to Weight Watchers new Points Plus Program or eat those delicious-looking cupcakes that Sandra Lee magically creates? It’s a tease to the brain…no wonder I’m so f*&@ed up when it comes to going on diets.

Maybe I should just stop watching TV? But I love TV…

Hopefully you aren’t as easily influenced as I am. I do need to start a diet asap before I leave for Australia. I just love food too much and I am constantly torn. AH. I need to exercise, that is all. Gotta start running again…blehhhhhh.

Love – Mentally distraught [EEEK] – Casi


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