Waking up this early has its ups and downs.

To be clear, I woke up at 4am randomly and still cannot fall back to sleep after discovering that the pink eye I got rid of last week…is back to haunt me. Except now I’m pretty sure it’s red eye. This is disgusting and I hate living in dorms. Yes, I am blaming it on dorms even though I probably didn’t take all cautionary measures when I had/ got over pink eye. DARNiT!

Nick Jonas will be on Rachel Ray today, so I guess I now have an excuse to stay home and watch. See…every down has its up(s). The below picture is me two days ago perfectly pink/red eye-free. UGH WHAT HAPPENED!? And yes, I’m wearing a Nick Jonas & The Administration shirt. Love forev.

I took some cool pix of myself like this (after consuming way too much pinot grigio..) & I love doing it not because I like staring at myself, but because I LOVE editing photos! It’s one of my creative outlets.

This one reminds me of the NO H8 adverts, am I right?!


K. That’s all! Please take care of your eyeballz.

❤  Casi  XoXo


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