I want to be a Dash Doll!

Today I made a trip to DASH in SoHo after seeing Kim’s tweet “On my way to Dash NYC, can’t wait to see my Dash Dolls! Xo” (@kimkardashian ->follow her!) And so I dashed there & she was there! Perfect timing! I was able to snap a quick pic after she bought a cute top hat and talked her her Dash Dolls. My new goal: become a Dash Doll! She was so sweet and I hope to meet her sisters, mother and Rob someday, too!! Love the Kardashians.

Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: “Hi, Kim! We love your store. It’s great.”

Kim: “Aw thank youu.”

Me: “And you are more beautiful in person.”

Kim: “You’re sweet. Thank you.”

Me: “I’m sure you get that a lot.”

Kim: “Thank you.”

Me: “I just tweeted you!”

Kim: “I’ll have to look for it!”


Then she left and said bye to her dolls and a nice big “LOVE YOU” in her sweet little voice.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll meet Snooki? LOL Peace & Love – Casi –


My Fashion Blog Post on Kim ❤


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