Although I am one day late, Happy December! Another year has flown by so incredibly fast. What does this mean? I’ll be 21 in just a mere month and 20 days. Don’t let this baby face fool you 😛

ANYWAYS, December seems to be the kind of month that holds a lot of meaning. For example, Taylor Swift has a song called “Back to December,” Demi Lovato has a song called “Remember December,” Miley Cyrus has a song called, “Permanent December,” and Kelly Clarkson has a whole album called, “My December.” I’m sure there is a lot more, but to be honest those are the ones that I happened to find on my very own iTunes (thank you, I do have great taste in music).

With that said, what will come of this December? Hopefully really cool things. Like Britney Spears announcing that she has an album releasing in March…oh wait, that just happened. Brit-Brit Hooraaay!

Christmas is in December, too! Hanukkah is going on now, too! Winter Break starts (and Fall Semester ends) in December, too! And speaking of T-Swizzle, it’s her birthday on the 13th. She’ll be 21, too. We’re like sisters from another mister.

It’s almost 2011. Weeeeiiirrrdddddddddddd right?! Have a great time celebrating the end of a crazy year and the exciting start to a fresh new one. Live it up!



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