Word of Advice

It has been quite some time since I have written in this here blog. To be honest I sorta forgot about it – I think I just got more involved with visual blogging? AKA YouTube: www.youtube.com/zingaling23 . Embarrassing? Yes. But hey I swear I will make a video with an actual purpose one of these days . . . um, maybe.

Anyways, I’m still here in NYC livin’ the dream as they say. Who is “they” anyway? Doesn’t matter. What I’m trying to say is:

Taking summer classes is the worst best decision ever to be made by this here 20 year old, ya know?

Summer is the ideal time to sleep in wake up early and to daydream concentrate on really boring interesting essays, right?

The shining bright sun is distracting motivating, right?

It’s a great way to laugh at other weirdos who made the same wrong decision to be in school during the effing summertime make friends, RIGHT?

Yes, we all need more friends.

HA. Kay, you got me. Goal for next summer = become darker than an Ethiopian by lying in the sun all day and also drinking all night, every night. Now THAT is what summer is all about. ‘Specially at my age. Who needs a job or education anyway? Don’t answer that.

I suggest you get your tan on while there is still some Summer ’10 left. Baby oil, here we come!


Your way-too-educated-for-the-summer friend




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