The Secret

Do you know The Secret? Do you know that you might know it already? Do you know that this can seriously change your life forever?

Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

Essentially, in order to be a part of The Secret, you must understand THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (LOA). What is this law that I speak of? It’s only the most important law of the universe! Basically, this means that you attract everything that you had/have/will have in your life. This includes your friends, where you go to school, your job, your problems, etc. It is everything that is a part of who you are. You.Manifest.Your.Own.Reality.

Are you following?

To explain more of what this is, I will tell you how I use it in my life. Visualization. This is HUGE. In order to succeed in life and what you truly want to do/have/etc., you must do this! It is fun, too. What I do is I make “Vision Boards” and I basically take the Universe and think of what I want from it. My board consists of the body that I want, the car that I want, the job that I want, where I want to be, words of characteristics of how I want to be, and so much more! These are so much fun to make, its like making collages. Use magazines, print out pictures, whatever you want! Just make yourself look at this ideal life “Ask and you shall receive.”

More key elements of this big theory is Positivity and Affirmations. Lots of times we don’t think about how we think. We are so use to complaining and using negative affirmations in our every day lives, which is completely unacceptable, but definitely changeable. So don’t worry! Start off by smiling and you will definitely receive smiles back. If you send out positive energy, you will get it back! Also, it is very important and also fun to make lists of what you are thankful for in your life (list of gratitude). Although it may seem silly to do in the beginning, once you dig down into every aspect of your life, it truly makes you appreciate what you have. It will uplift you on those days where nothing seems to be going right. It is the Attitude of Gratitude. Let’s make our thoughts more conscious by changing them very simply! Just by changing “I don’t like my job” to “I am happy that I have a job, but I am going to find another one.” This is such a small difference, but this is a key difference.

Moving on. Another big part of this is now taking steps to actually change what you feel isn’t working for you in your life. With your job, if you really do hate it and feel you are doing something that you are not passionate about…find one that actually suits you and makes you happy. So many folks nowadays just settle with a decent job that they fell into and stuck with. Sometimes that works out into something great! Other times, people are suckered into settling. DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. You can have better! You are worth it, ya know. You just have to believe that it is possible and take those steps to make it happen. Move forward. It is never, ever too late to do this. First, recognize what it is you are unhappy with (let’s say it is your 9-5 desk job). Then, picture what kind of job you would flourish at. Realize that you will be perfect at this and that it actually is possible to have your dream job. Write it down…the more detailed you are with the description, the better. Plaster the words in your notebooks/cork board or wherever! See this. Visualize it. Now, take steps to actually make it happen. Apply for jobs. Send out your resume. Do your research. Whatever you do, just be passionate about it and do whatever you can to make it happen. Even if it seems like something that is not possible for you, make it possible.

For me, I ( picture myself hanging out with random celebrities. I picture myself walking down the red carpet. I picture myself laughing at myself on silly national commercials. I picture myself thanking my mom and dad as I accept my Oscar Award. I literally do this every day and it makes me so excited. It makes me want to make it happen. This is what I am currently living for and I know that it will happen. I am even making my friends believe that this will happen for me, and it is always great to have as much support as possible. I create inspirations for myself on my vision board and in my very own mind. Inspire yourself!

I say that many people already ‘have this’ secret because it is encoded in certain people’s personalities. If you pay attention in on the streets of cities, the mall, or wherever, you can usually pick out who has this… at least you’ll be able to eventually.

So who are these people that follow The Secret, or at least have the same outlook on life, I guess you could say? Jim Carrey! Mmmhmm. And lots of others, but Jim Carrey is cool and he’ll do the trick for my lil blog here. ANYWAYS, this comedic genius movie star once wrote out to himself a fake check of $1,000,000. Months later, he booked his first film making approximately that amount of money. He visualized it and even went to the extent of writing out to himself a fake check. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

Another story that is great (via The Secret) is a man created a vision board for himself. He decided to move and about five years later, he found a box that he forgot to unpack in his new home. He opened it and there was his vision board. What was on his board? A picture of the exact house that he moved into. He didn’t even realize it! Don’t you love this? You can choose what you want and actually get it. Imagine that!

Be positive. Write your affirmations. Be thankful. Visualize. Make changes. Move forward. Leap. Take Chances. Anything and I mean ANYTHING is possible.

Thanks for reading and remember to: Ask [the universe], Believe [it can&will happen], and you shall Receive [any goal is possible]. Ask.Believe.Receive.

Visualize it! 😉

– C.B.D –


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