20 Years Young

That’s me! Twenty years old young.

This birthday has been different than any other birthday I’ve had…ever. Why? Because I celebrated it by myself. Alone. Just me. It’s the first time I was not with my friends and family at all! But what a lot of people don’t realize about me is that I honestly don’t mind being alone. I like having my own time to do what I want with it. There are no restrictions and I can do what I want when I want to. Would I have liked to have my mom/sister/friends/etc. accompany me at dinner in the Meatpacking District? Of course!!! But I am here down at school and yes I have made a couple friends, but not close enough to the point where I would want to celebrate my birthday with them. Awkward.

This is just the beginning for me and as my best friend Jessica Levitt (HEY JESS) told me, “You should be celebrating your new beginnings…” And that is so true! Although it was my 20th Birthday yesterday, I didn’t feel sorry for myself or blah blah blah for being alone, but I felt empowered and independent. This is a great feeling to have for my new beginnings because my future career [acting] will call for a lot of that.

And I also see this “lonely” birthday situation as an example of ‘there is always a positive in everything.’ No matter what has happened to you and no matter what a person has just done to you, it is so essential that you see the benefit of the circumstance. This goes along with ‘everything happens for a reason‘ and that kind of mindset. If you allow yourself to think in that way, you are destined for constant happiness. Our emotions are in our complete control. I could have easily sat in my room all day yesterday and cried myself to sleep. Why would I do that? I have control and I used this to my benefit. I looked at what I can turn the day into and I would say that I turned it into a great birthday! I have never eaten out alone before, but now I have! P.S. I found this short article about eating out alone: http://www.tressugar.com/How-Lounge-Eating-out-Alone-529997 . Check it.

So the next time you feel lonely/upset/negative, turn those unhappy emotions into something positive. DON’T turn on the sappy, sad love songs but DO turn on the inspiring, happy dance songs. Good music+Postivity=A Happier You!

Be Happy! 🙂



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