Everyone has their own form(s) of inspiration and one of mine just happens to be movies. No matter how dumb or amazing a particular movie may be, there is always a lightbulb that goes off in my head as I watch. The affect that cinematography has on me is amplified on the big screen in the theatre. It’s amazing.

Although you may be thinking that I learn some type of life lesson or something of that sort from films, that is not what I am referring to. What really hits me while I am watching is that I need to be up there. I need to see myself on that screen. I will see myself there some day soon. All of this is racing through my mind as I see Kristen Stewart stare into Robert Pattinson’s eyes. All of this is racing through my mind as I admire Jim Carrey playing thirty different animation characters in one movie. All of this is racing through my mind as I see these people playing these characters that I know I can be. It’s a truly amazing feeling to have, but it does sometimes distract me from the plot line. I don’t care though. That indescribable feeling that I have as I leave the movie theatre will not change…that is, until I see myself up on that huge screen ;).

When I think about the possibility of being able to show myself to the world through the art of acting, I literally tear up. This is how I know that I can and I will do this. And I know that everyone in the world has his or her own niche and it sometimes takes time to find what that may be. I strongly encourage to go after whatever you can ideally see yourself doing with your life. Anything is possible in this world and that should be taken seriously. Because I am 100% serious when I say that if you have the fire and that passion deep inside of you for whatever it may be, go for it. Do it. Because If you don’t pursue it, you possibly and you probably will create regrets for yourself. And life should be lived with absolutely no regrets.

What are your inspirations? If you look closely, there is inspiration in anything and everything. You just have to let yourself see it.

Dream Big.



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