New Blogger Here!

SO this is my very first blog [post]…ever! I’m making history here, people. Although it is not very likely to have anyone read my everyday thoughts, I am very happy with my spontaneous decision to create a blog for the new upcoming year. Maybe it’s just the Blue Moon that is getting to me…who cares.

I am just going to start off by explaining myself a bit. My name is Casi (pronounced ‘Cassie’ just spelled better) and I am a creative person. I guess that is one of the reasons I decided to do one of these blogs. I love expressing myself (whatever that means) in so many different ways. I find myself constantly making collages from silly magazines (my walls are clogged with these), I am always painting or drawing, I love to dance, and acting is my true passion. I think that is reason enough.

Starting this blog at 1:00am on New Years Eve of 2009 seems somewhat appropriate. I like to think that I am not one of those “MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION IS…” and then follow through for 3 days and then give-up. I hate that. So, I’m starting a day early 8-). I am hoping to write a post everyday, but I know things come up so I wont be so hard on myself. Every other day will work for me…that is, of course, if that works for you.

To sum up my first blog post EVER, I would like to just put it out there that I am so grateful for the internet, Twitter, Facebook, technology. What would we do without this amazingly wonderful invention? (Probably not be an overly lazy, blind, and obese nation..but let’s just disregard these harsh realities for now…) My intentions of my posts will be to entertain, inform, discuss, and to most importantly explore the meaningful and meaningless occurrences in my everyday life: working at the Barnes & Noble Cafe, moving to NYC to pursue my ultimate goal in life (acting, in case you forgot), and just finding out who I am and where I will end up.

Thanks for reading 😉



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